The Ultimate Travel Guide to the Bahamas

Why Go to the Bahamas

With a cluster of more than 700 naturally ornamented islands, around 2400 cays, stunning sandy beaches, the spectacular crystal deep blue’s sea waters of the Atlantics, unbeatable weather, incredibly appetizing eclectic Bahamian cuisine, amazing marine life, The Bahamas lure millions of travel lovers to explore the god-gifted splendour of the Bahamas.


Best Things To Do in the Bahamas

Whether you’re looking from historical attractions, bustling marketplaces, kid-friendly water parks, the opportunities of hopping between cays and islands indulge in active advantageous water activating like swimming diving alongside the dolphins or snorkelling to explore its astounding marine life, Bahamas boasts of being amidst the most coveted destination for having a complete holidaying experience.

Snorkelling in the Bahamas
Snorkelling in the Bahamas

The Beaches

For beach lovers, the dream of having the real essence of enjoying a relaxing vacation on the stretching of crumbly golden sand, with its round-the-year warm weather – is what makes the Bahamas a paradise destination with its sunny beaches on 700 islands. Amidst the most popular ones that you must not miss is Gold Rock Beach in the Lucayan National Park, Pink Sand Beach on Harbor Island, and a string of beaches accessible on The Exumas’ Stocking Island.

Pink Sand Beach
Pink Sand Beach

Boat Tour

Renting a boat will unveil an exclusive opportunity to have the most delightful experience of activities, fishing and swimming with wild pigs, diving flanking with dolphins, fishing, and snorkelling. Many private groups arrange excursions while you can have access to the heavenly Bahamas private islands, where you can laze on the powdery sands of its beaches pristine sands after enjoying a grand lunch on the shore.

Eleuthera island, Bahamas
Eleuthera island, Bahamas

Diving and Snorkeling

To explore a plentitude of underwater caves, reefs and sinkholes teemed with marine animals like dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, stingrays in the Bahamas many local beaches, private islands, and resorts allowing the scope of enjoying swimming, diving, and snorkelling. Among the globally-known dive sites in the islands include the Grand Bahama, New Province, and Andros. A plethora of shops and out there where you can get equipment for diving and snorkelling on rentals.

Coral fishes at Bahamas
Coral fishes at Bahamas

A Visit to Nassau

Being one of the most admired cruise ship ports in the Caribbean, Nassau the Capital of Bahamas charms its visitors with a host of shops, museums, shops scattered across Cable Beach. A short-timed day trip with a catamaran ride beyond Nassau is a great idea to meet dolphins in the finest Blue Lagoon Island apart from Conservation Centre and a Zoo, a fun-spot for families. For shopping lovers, having a trip to the Nassau Straw Market is a must.

Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas

National Park

The Grand Bahama Island encompasses three national parks spreading over a 40-acre land filled with mangroves, pine trees, palm, and others. The attractions of Lucayan National Park include the stunning Gold Rock Beach, Burial Mound Cave, and Ben’s Cave. This national park is located nearly 20 miles away from the downtown of the Freeport and remains open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The entrance fee of $5 allows access to all of the sights of the park.

Queen’s Staircase

Also known as the 66 steps, the historical staircase (though only 65 are visible), named for Queen Victoria spanning 102 feet, is a great visitor’s spot in the Bahamas. While it has no entrance fees to visit this amazing staircase, it is accessible for 24 hours throughout the year. It took 16 years to complete the staircase and is located in New Province Islands.

Queen's Staircase - Nassau
Queen’s Staircase – Nassau

The Glass Window Bridge (Eleuthera)

Positioned on the northern part of Eleuthera, The Glass Window Bridge is cited among the most popular travellers viewpoint in the Bahamas. Spanning over Queen’s Highway to the Glass Window Bridge the land is bridging Eleuthera’s Gregory Town and Lower Bogue and sites between the rough blue sea surf of the Atlantic Ocean (on the northern side) and the tranquil greenish waters of the Exuma Sound in the Caribbean sea. (In the Caribbean Sea). It offers free access 24 hours a day.


Private Islands

The spectacular view of a plethora of private islands surrounding the Bahamas makes visitors tempted to access them. Among the most praised ones include Castaway Cay, CocoCay, Royal Caribbean, Half Moon Cay, Sandals Cay, Blue Lagoon Island, and more. if you like to stay in private island resorts, it will cost you around $49 to $249 per individual. The charges include a round-trip cruise between Paradise Island and the Island.

Tops Tips

Best Months to Visit

Albeit the temperature in the Bahamas is great year-round, however the best season to visit this exquisite land is from the middle of December to mid-April. The relaxing weather during this period makes the island crowded with tourists and that naturally hikes the cost of accommodation, food, and sightseeing.

Culture and Customs

Inhabitants in Bahamians are welcoming, entertaining, and lead minimalist lifestyles. Although you may come across some Bahamians speaking in the Creole language, most people speak English. 

Among the most popular Festivals held in the Bahamas, the main one is Junkanoo – the magnificent carnival is held during Christmas and New Year’s Day each year – and comprises Bahamian dances, multihued costumes, and delighting music. 

The dollar’s value of the Bahamas is equivalent to the U.S. dollar. Both currencies are extensively accepted all through the country. Those who are interested to use local currencies need to meet local currency-exchanging vendors.

Market, Bahamas

How to Money Budget Trip in the Bahamas

  • Loads of travel organizers offer package tours combined with air-fare, hotels, taxies, with attractive discounted price offers during the peak season. 
  • Mind well, that getting round in between islands here via seaplanes or water taxis is quite costly, so choosing the islands to stay that are attractive and also budget-friendly makes sense. 
  • While Bahamian hair braiding styles are top demanding to women worldwide, with a restricted budget, it’s ideal to turn away from branding.

What to Eat in the Bahamas

The food specialities of the Island are johnnycakes, peas n’ rice, while grilled or fried sea fishes and steamed lobster, as well as conch, dished up in chowder, are some of the tourists’ craves. Sweet treats including guava duff (a special kind of guava-filled pastry that comes topped with brandy and rum cake are must-haves. A range of wines, beers, rums, wines, and spirits are available all through the Bahamas. John Watling’s Distillery located in New Province Island is the most famous maker of various liquors.

Bahamian conch salad
Bahamian conch salad


When it comes to safety concerns, with the increasing rise of crimes from robberies to sexual harassment in tourist spots especially in Grand Bahama, Paradise, and New Province islands, always stay alert. Shun heading for remote islands and leave your valuable belongings safe in the hotel rooms.

Traveling Around Bahamas

All regular forms of transport systems are available in the Bahamas that help to reach there as well as getting around the Islands including inter-island air services, cruisers, boats apart from water taxis (quite pricey). Among many airports, the distinguished ones include Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport and Freeport’s Grand Bahama International Airport.

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