Top 5 locations to catch some winter sun in Europe.

If you never did a trip in cold winter to some warm place you definitely have to try as it’s a wonderful feeling to get out of the cold and be somewhere where you do not have to wear your coat just sit in the sun. It also exciting and sometimes unbelievable to be in a sunny place and have a look at the calendar and see the name of the month for example January… It’s not something we used to have right?

So let’s see the list:


Malaga with its average temperature of  17 / 9 °C doesn’t seem to be a hot choice but as it’s so-called the “capital of costa del sol” is a solid choice who don’t like snow. But if you would like to break your sunny winter holiday trip you can do that also as the Sierra Nevada the famous ski paradise is just 100km away from Malaga. It’s so crazy that in 100km distance you can have sunny and warm weather and also a lot of snow.


The Canary Islands are perfect travel location for winter with an average temperature of 21 / 15 °C. It’s not too hot and not too cold so we can clearly say that a kind of springtime weather but they have it over winter. The islands are part of Spain and the EU. These volcanic islands have everything you could wish for. Nature-lovers should head to Tenerife and check out the Teide National Park and Volcan El Teide, which is a huge volcano on the island, can be reached via cable car or take a hike. Tenerife is the most populated Island where you can shop, eat out and basically do anything you want.

Fuerteventura has many long sandy beaches including some black-sand beaches which attract many travellers year by year for relaxing. Fuerteventura is also a famous destination among surfers known for its good waves.


Gibraltar is an interesting place in all meanings as it’s a British Overseas Territory in Spain at the Iberian Peninsula and to be honest I would say it’s really British and that’s the beauty of it. Weather is around 16 / 10 °C in winter which is just enough to see all the wonders of this city. First, there is the Rock which is why this small territory was so important in the history and it’s still is as because of this who controls this Rock controls the traffic between the sea and the ocean. Of course, you have a wonderful view from the top of the Rock where you can get by a cable car and you can see Africa which is a pretty unique feeling. On the Rock beware of the monkeys(Barbary Macaques) they steal everything. After seeing the monkeys you can have a trip to see some dolphins as well or to spend a few hours in the Alameda (Gibraltar Botanical Garden). Shopping is not a problem at all as Gibraltar have some special tax rules and all the big brands on the main street you could imagine. So it’s a crazy place in a good meaning and definitely worth a visit.


Portugal and especially the Algarve region is a solid choice for winter. With the average 17 / 8 °C the Algarve region is a bit coldish compared to other regions in this list but if we look at it with the other advantages you will see it worth that few °C. Algarve is cheap at all no matter if it’s the flight tickets or the hotel prices or the restaurant secondly it’s beautiful with the sandy beaches but the main attractions are the rocky ones and don’t forget it’s not the Mediterranean Sea it’s the Atlantic ocean. Algarve is a developed region mainly focusing on tourism so if you travel there you will get everything you would need for a relaxing trip and to gather many experiences.


Ok, it’s geographically not Europe but as it’s so close and has everything you need for a nice and warm trip in winter. If you prefer city life you have to travel to Marrakech which is not the capital but it’s the fourth largest city in Morocco. Average winter temperature is 20 / 7 °C. You can find everything here about Art in the many galleries or even you can buy everything in the endless souk (which is the name of the marketplace) full of everything you can buy or eat something delicious and cheap. Oh and almost forget to mention to drink the Berber whiskey (Green tea with Moroccan mint leaves.) if you are at the Jemaa el-Fnaa.

In the case, if you are more an Ocean person and for example, you like to surf then Morocco is your place as it has more and more surf cities and villages over its coastline. Those could be windy over winter but hey that’s needed for the waves. Agadir is also a famous travel destination but it’s mostly for relaxing and hanging out on the beach. The average temperature in Agadir over winter is 21 / 8 °C and around 220 hours of sunshine in a month.

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