Must see events in Europe in April 2024: A Guide to Cultural, Gastronomic, and Technological Events

In April 2024, Europe is set to host several notable events across various countries, offering a blend of cultural, musical, and traditional celebrations: 

Snowbombing, Austria

When: 8th – 13th April 2024

A unique combination of skiing and music festival held in Tyrol, Austria. It features over 1000 international artists across genres, promising a mix of live performances and DJ sets in a winter wonderland setting. The Snowbombing event will take place in Mayrhofen.

Tickets are available here:

Mayrhofen, Austria in April
Mayrhofen, Austria

Seville Feria, Spain

When: 14th – 20th April 2024

One of Europe’s most historic and vibrant events, held annually in Seville. It attracts over a million people and features a wide range of entertainment, including concerts, bullfights, and flamenco dancing. The celebration is marked by a lively atmosphere, with people singing and dancing in the streets and squares of Seville. 

Koningsdag (King’s Day), Netherlands

When: 27th April 2024

A national holiday in the Netherlands celebrating King Willem-Alexander’s accession to the throne. The festivities are widespread, with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague becoming hubs of celebration, showcasing Dutch culture, traditional foods, music, and street parties. 

A young woman is celebrating the King's Day in Amsterdam
A young woman is celebrating the King’s Day in Amsterdam

Keukenhof near Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When: 21st March – 12th May 2024

Visitors to Keukenhof can look forward to a range of events designed to celebrate the beauty of spring and the blooming tulips. The park will host several flower shows, including the Symphony of Colours musical opening show on March 21, the Hyacinths and Tulip show from March 21-26, the Freesia and Chrysanthemum show from March 28-April 2, and the Rose show from April 4-9.

Tickets are available here:

Semana Santa (Holy Week), Seville, Spain

When: 24th March – 31st March 2024

Visitors can immerse themselves in a deeply cultural and religious experience unique to this historic Spanish city. The week is filled with numerous processions that feature elaborate floats (pasos) bearing statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, carried through the streets by costaleros (bearers) amidst the haunting sound of saetas (devotional songs). In addition to the religious processions, visitors can engage in a variety of cultural activities like exploring the city’s historical sites, the Royal Alcazar and Seville Cathedral through private tours. For those interested in the local cuisine and entertainment, private tapas and flamenco tours offer a taste of Seville’s vibrant nightlife and culinary traditions. 

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