Best Things to do in Miami 

Miami, Florida’s most popular travel destination, is a place where the sun, people, white sand, good energy, and vibrant scenarios are sure to delight any visitor.  

The beach, hectic nightlife, exotic cars, and tiny bathing suits are probably some of the things that come to your mind when you think of Miami, but those features don’t fully capture the true essence of the culture and soul of the city. This vacation spot offers a myriad of adventures rich in folklore fun and entertainment, and everything from street art and cultural events to fancy hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. 

Miami welcomes all visitors with its warm weather, beautiful coasts, and unique ambiance. Because we know there are many things to do and see here, we have created this ultimate travel guide to Miami. We will share some of the best things to do, tips, and other valuable details for those who are thinking of visiting this city. So if you are part of this group keep reading because we are sure that this guide will be of great use to you.  

Miami skyline in sunset
Miami skyline in sunset


1. South Beach

If you’re visiting Miami, spending a day in South Beach is essential. In addition to its pristine water and soft sand this public beach, which is easy to access by foot, offers different kinds of attractions such as trendy shops, bars, restaurants, and a unique Art Deco architecture.  

This must-visit spot in Miami is the ideal setting for a day full of fun and entertainment.

South Beach in Miami with a lifeguard stand
South Beach in Miami with a lifeguard stand

2. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is the perfect space to learn on Downtown Miami’s Bayfront. This renowned site is always busy thanks to its planetarium, aquarium, and two science galleries.  

If you and your family visit Miami, you are sure to love this museum as it has a family-friendly atmosphere. The exhibits at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science will entertain visitors of all ages. 

Frost Museum of Science in Miami Downtown at night
Frost Museum of Science in Miami Downtown at night

3. Wynwood Walls: Captivating Outdoor Art Gallery

Wynwood Walls, also known as one of Miami’s most instagrammable locations, is a former industrial neighborhood that evolved into an outdoor gallery. 

Graffiti artists and muralists have created colorful and creative artworks across the outer walls of shops and warehouses, turning this area into an Urban Graffiti Art Museum. In addition to admiring the art, you can explore the shops, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries in the neighborhood.  

Thanks to a recent ticket policy, admission is now $10 for adults and $5 for students, but children under 12 can enter for free.

Aerial view of Wynwood Walls
Aerial view of Wynwood Walls

4. Little Havana: A Vibrant Culinary Journey in Miami

Little Havana, which is the heart of Miami’s Cuban population, is centered around Calle 8 (SW 8th street). Here you’ll be able to enjoy lively streets, restaurants and cafes.

Food lovers can take a gastronomic excursion by booking with Miami Culinary Tours. These are a group of experts that takes visitors on a memorable tour where they sample tasty foods and learn about Little Havana.

This unique area will delight any visitor looking for a unique and vibrant spot in Miami. 

Calle Ocho mosaic at Little Havana Domino Park

5. Everglades and Biscayne National Parks

Miami is the only metropolis in the United States with two national parks within the city limits. If you’re looking for an outdoorsy adventure the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park, promise great experiences.

Enjoy tram tours, canoeing and kayaking, guided eco-adventures, bike rentals, and more at these natural treasures.

Aerial view of Everglades National Park

Travel smart in Miami: Top tips to save money on your adventure

We know that visiting Miami can be a bit expensive, so here are some useful money-saving tips so you can enjoy a great trip without going broke.

Accommodation: if you don’t have a big budget it’s best to book your stay at an Airbnb instead of a hotel, or if you prefer not to spend anything you can opt for Couchsurfing and stay with a local to experience your trip from a different perspective. 

Go Miami Pass: if you plan to visit Miami’s main attractions we recommend getting the Go Miami Pass. Whit this Pass you can enter more than 30 attractions for a single price and save a lot of money. You can also get a customized pass based on the places you want to see.

Free walking tours: taking a free walking tour is a great way to learn about the history of Miami’s most popular sites and save money, as you will only have to tip your guide. Free Tour Miami offers daily guided tours to introduce you to the main sites in the city.

Transportation: if you want to travel comfortably and avoid wasteful spending, take rides in Uber and Lyft instead of cabs or buses.

Package deals: it is possible to find different package deals for hotels and attractions as Miami is a very popular destination.

Reusable water bottle: due to the state’s warm climate, you will probably want to stay hydrated at all times, so it is advisable to carry a reusable water bottle.

The perfect time to visit Miami

The tropical and privileged location of Miami offers great weather and sunshine throughout the year. The high season, which is during the winter, from December to February, usually has temperatures of 70°F with almost no precipitation.

Spring is the best time to visit Miami, from February to May. At this time of the year, temperatures are usually in the 70s and 80s. Summers are humid and hot, with light and short rains most days.

During the fall, temperatures gradually decrease, and in the winter the climate becomes dry and mellow.

Hurricane season runs from June to late November; however, you can still visit Miami, just keep an eye on the weather forecast and book flights, accommodations, and other services with a refund option.

If you want to avoid the big and crazy spring break crowds it’s best not to travel here in March.

Miami Beach

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve read this ultimate Miami travel guide, you know some of the best things to see, ways to save money, and when to visit, which means you’re ready to take a trip to this fascinating city that we’re sure you’ll love.

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