Famous Outlander movie locations you can visit

Welcome, Outlander fans!! This article is purely for Outlander fans who are enthralled by this time-travel drama filled with romance. Here you’ll find the famous Outlander movie locations you can visit. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, let’s start with a bit of introduction to this all-time favourite TV series. The Outlander TV series has received growing recognition worldwide since 2014. Diana Gabaldon’s novel series Outlander serves as the inspiration for this TV series. And the display follows Claire, a nurse during World War II. She reveals herself time-travelling back to Scotland in 1743 from 1975 and falls in love with a Highland Warrior, Jamie Fraser.

The filming sites for Outlander are located in Scotland in order to provide even more awe-inspiring scenery to the Outlander tv series. Most of the filming was finished in Central Scotland. However, the purpose of utilising real locations to show was to provide a more authentic experience.

As a result of the success of the Outlander series, those locations have become well-known among travellers and fans of the series alike. Although there are many places, the following are the most popular ones. You can visit these locations and experience what Jamie and Claire went through while looking for themselves.

1. Glencoe: The opening scene of the show

This is one of the outlet scenes of the first actual episode of Outlander, where Bonnie Prince Charlie began the Jacobite Rising of 1745. The series begins by changing the mood of the set with the sweeping mountains of Glencoe

It is one of Scotland’s top iconic destinations to visit. The rolling glen with its rocky outcrops is probably famed these days for excellent mountain climbing and hill-climbing. However, the location is close to the Glenfinnan Monument. 


2. Kinloch Rannoch: The Mohawk Village of the show

Kinloch Rannoch is surrounded by the breath-taking Munros, Scotland’s finest mountains. It is a stunning village in Perth and Kinross. However, it offers a well-known backdrop to Claire’s mysterious disappearance via the status stones. 

Well, it acts as a suitable backdrop for Highland adventures, with lochs, streams, and rivers dotted around the landscape.

Kinloch Rannoch

3. Culross: Village of Cranesmuir of the show

Culross is another illustrious moving-picture show location you’ll be able to travel to. The bank of the stream that flows forth in the transverse flute is Culross, the region of the fictional village of Cranesmuir. However, travelling to this location will make you feel like you are walking instantly into the past.

The National Trust for Scotland has laboured tough to hold its traditionally tremendous 16th-century metropolis centre. Right here, you may discover Claire’s herb lawn behind the homes that are characteristic of the show.  


4. Doune Castle: The home of the Clan of MacKenzie in the show

Films regularly take geographical employments with their places, and Outlander isn’t any exception. This location represents Claire’s garden, which is the grounds of the fictional home of the Clan of MacKenzie. 

Absolutely, Doune Castle is close to Stirling and approximately 23 miles north and west of Culross. However, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen Doune Castle on screen. The movie locations of Monty Python and the Holy Grail was also here, as were the Winterfell scenes in the Game of Thrones pilot.

Doune Castle

5. Crieff: Represents North Carolina in the show.

Jamie’s mother’s sister, Aunt Jocasta, lives off the Cape Fear River close to Cross Creek. But the Outlander group needed to recreate America in Scotland, and Crieff stood in for North Carolina. Specifically, the scenes are supposed to have been filmed inside the Abercairny Estates, situated about an hour and a half from Edinburgh.


6. Hopetoun House: Home of Duke of Sandringham of the show

The grand and awesome Hopetoun House is placed close to Edinburgh. And it has been changed to be used in several scenes within the show and filming. It’s best recognised in the stately home of the Duke of Sandringham in Season one. However, if you love to visit the place, it is open to visitors during the summer.

Hopetoun House

7. Dean Castle: Beaufort Castle of the show

This 14th-century fort in Kilmarnock has become the home of Lord Lovat, Beaufort Castle. Claire and Jamie go to it in the show to steer the lord’s ship to assist Charles Stuart. However, Dean Castle is presently closed for restoration.

Dean Castle

8. Glasgow University: Harvard University of the show

According to the show, Claire and her own circle of relatives moved to Boston during the 1960s. Glasgow University has grown accustomed to filming scenes resembling Harvard University, where her husband taught.

Glasgow is known as one of the oldest universities in the UK and was established in 1451. Don’t omit to capture its iconic arches, which can be additionally featured in the show.

Glasgow University

9. Kelvingrove Park: Represents Boston Park in the show

Kelvingrove Park at the West End of Glasgow is placed close to Glasgow University alongside the River Kelvin. It is one of the frequently visible movie scenes representing Boston where Claire and her daughter Brianna strolled. 

Kelvingrove Park

10. Craigmillar Castle: Ardsmuir Prison of the show

Craigmillar Castle is another exciting Outlander film location. This ruined medieval castle in Edinburgh became a feature of the show as the fictional Ardsmoir prison. In the movie, Jamie is imprisoned here after surviving Culloden, where he befriended Lord John Gray in 1725.

You must drive or take a bus from Edinburgh city centre to the south of the city to see this castle.

Craigmillar Castle

11. Gosford House: Helwater Estate of the show

The lavishly embellished Gosford House is used as the fictitious Helwater Estate, where Jamie serves his parole as groom to the Dunsany family. This is the place where Jamie fathers an illegitimate son with Dunsany’s elder daughter, Geneva, who’s married to the Earl of Ellesmere. Scenes of their home, Ellesmere Manor, have also been shot at Gosford House. 

If you have time to see more of Edinburgh, you may take the train or drive to Longniddry in East Lothian to see Gosford House’s lovely estate.

Gosford House

12. Falkland: Middle scene locations

While Claire’s story takes place in 1940s Inverness, those sequences were shot in Falkland, a little village about an hour north of Edinburgh. You may stay at the guesthouse portrayed in the show, which is named the Covenanter Hotel in real life and overlooks the Bruce Fountain, where Jamie’s ghost first appears. 


13. Linlithgow Palace: Wentworth Prison of the Show. 

This location has facilitated the entryway and corridors of this 15th-century mansion where Mary Queen of Scots was born. However, it is located just a 25-minute train journey west of Edinburgh. This is far finer in real life than the fictitious prison where Jamie was tortured by Black Jack Randall in the show.Well, Scotland is the bottom-most facilitated country for the show. Most of the dramatic feelings and senses are created at the above famous outlander movie locations. If you’re a fan of the Outlander television series, you should definitely plan a trip to these places.

Linlithgow Palace

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