Most Romantic Getaway Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Have you been planning something special this Valentine’s Day, but you’re not wholly sure where to begin? If this is something you have been considering, our team is on hand today to give you some of the six best tips from around the world for a truly romantic Valentine’s getaway idea. Hopefully, this will help you enjoy the most magical experience with your loved one this year overall.

The Top 6 Most Romantic Getaway Ideas for Valentine’s Day 

Have you been looking for a romantic and memorable vacation destination for Valentine’s Day this year? Knowing how to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be a little tricky – so why not do things in style with a luxury, romantic getaway instead? 

If this is something that you think might be just the right answer, then we’ve come up with some top ideas and suggestions from all around the world that might help you make this year an unforgettable one – both for you and that special someone in your life. 

1. Beaufort on the North Carolina Coast

If you’re not sure where to start your search for the most stunning and iconic destinations this Valentine’s Day, we’d highly recommend you consider a visit to Beaufort on the North Carolina coast. Indeed, it’s a destination that’s absolutely stunning and offers just a little of everything. Marvel at the majesty of the region’s wild horse herd, something that will truly stay with you for a lifetime; alternatively, why not explore all that the town and its coastline have to offer?

It’s a wonderfully romantic destination with its rustic Victorian charm and instantly homely feel – and something that we’re confident could be an excellent opportunity overall.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse in Beaufort

2. A Trip to London and the London Eye

Whether you regularly head into London or if it’s something that you’ve only done occasionally, it’s irrefutable that there’s something quite magical about a trip into the big city. And, with this in mind, it could absolutely be an iconic destination for your romantic Valentine’s Day getaway this year. Of course, there are the obvious choices to consider, with countless stunning restaurants throughout the city, all of which are prepared to make your evening special. 

However, for something even more magical and memorable, why not give a trip on the London Eye a try? During the day and at night alike, the half-an-hour experience is something that’s simply unforgettable. And while it’s likely that you won’t have the pod quite to yourself, it’s nevertheless a great way to share an incredible experience with your loved one and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

London Eye and the city

3. Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Switzerland

Have you ever dreamed of a holiday to Switzerland? If so, then few opportunities can offer quite the same exclusivity and romanticism as the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Switzerland could be just the destination you need. 

The truly pristine snowy landscapes are perfectly coupled with the warmth and comfort of the hotel itself; as such, there’s rarely been a better opportunity to just cuddle up and enjoy the company with your loved one. The hotel even offers a Valentine’s Day specific package, entitled “Time for Two,” which can take a lot of the pressure off if you’ve been finding it a challenge to come up with a romantic and memorable trip overall.

In short: you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time with this majestic and astounding property; in fact, it wouldn’t be remiss as an idyllic fairytale location if you ask us. Its wonderful charm ensures that it’s a holiday destination that will suit any romantic Valentine’s getaway. Steam baths, aromatherapy, and more – there’s simply something for everyone.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof in the night

4. A Trip to Las Vegas

It might not be as quaint as the other options for romantic getaway ideas on today’s list, but that doesn’t make it any less excellent. Indeed, this stunning region is immensely luxurious and offers the perfect place to pamper yourself and your loved one; meanwhile, the excellent dining opportunities at every turn offer more than a fair share of romantic dining options. 

It’s sure to be a trip that both you and your loved one will remember for a lifetime. And, after all, there’s a reason why so many people choose to get married in Las Vegas.

View of the Las Vegas Boulevard at night

5. Thanda Private Game Reserve

If you’ve been looking for an experience that will develop memories to last a lifetime, it’s irrefutable that the Thanda Private Game Reserve could be just the trip you deserve. In the very heart of Zululand, the region is truly a stunning destination and has won countless awards and accolades for its stunning sights. With over 14,000 hectares of stunning open plains, there are so many excellent opportunities to discover the wonder and majesty that South Africa has to offer. 

You can almost count on sights of the Big 5 species, and the private and decadent luxury will irrefutably make this a romantic and stunning vacation overall.

Romantic dinner at Thanda Safari Lodge, Zululand

6. A Visit to Woodstock in Vermont

If you’ve been planning a romantic getaway, few things could be quite as luxurious and treat-worthy as a trip to Woodstock in Vermont. The quaint and cozy Woodstock Inn and Resort could be the ideal destination for your stay, and with a wonderful on-site spa, it’s irrefutable that you’ll both enjoy the utmost pampering during your time in the region. 

Meanwhile, the picturesque snowy hills are truly a sight to behold over winter, adding something quite wondrous to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Woodstock Inn and Resort

It’s Not Just the Destination That Counts

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of planning a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway to forget about what truly matters: the time with your loved one. 

As such, while planning a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway is a truly wonderful thing to do, please don’t let it get in the way of simply being there for your loved one. Even the little actions, such as a heartfelt card or breakfast in bed, can go a long way to making them feel loved – so, make sure you’ve genuinely dedicated time to them alongside your special romantic getaway plans.

Breakfast in bed for two

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that many of us want to make Valentine’s day as special as it can possibly be; however, if this is something that has left you feeling a little stumped, we sincerely hope today’s guide may have given you some new ideas. Indeed, there’s so much to love about Valentine’s Day, and sharing the experience with that special someone in your life – and treating them to a truly romantic Valentine’s Day getaway could be just the solution.

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